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Terri R.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:39 p    Post subject: Mudras Reply with quote

3/1/2001 8:53 pm 

Mudras are one of those healing/growth practices that seem to lurk around the edges of healing. A number of variations exist, and are utilized by various practices. They are used in some schools of yoga, though their full potential is generally glossed over.

Mudra means TOUCH, at least in one level of translation. And that is a good place to start. Mudras are formed when the individual touches their hands or fingers in certain ways. Mudras can be found in basically every culture, though much more plentifully and obviously in some than others. In one sense, mudras are a form of communication.Medieval art represents saints with their hands in various positions, for instance. These were, at one time, understood to mean something. Two that are still recognised by most westerners are the blessing hand sign, and the prayer hand position. Many Indian and Oriental statues show the subjects hands held in various positions. Certain Buddas are generally portrayed using the jnan (or jnana) mudra, also known as the wisdom mudra. Many people use this to meditate, even now.

Though for quite some time these were sort of an underground practice, more and more often, recently, they have been rearing their heads. Three years ago, an internet search on the word mudra or even healing mudra, brought me up a lot of sites showing pictures of statues. now, a healing mudras search actually brings up pictures, and a book!

What do mudras do?
They more or less seem to act as antenna/transmitters for some pretty subtle energies. Primarily the 'sings', or the fingertip energy points are used, though, as with Reiki, flow may occur elsewhere. The frequency of these energies seems to be pretty subtle: more so than Reiki energy. It is also pretty powerful, in its sometimes quiet, sometimes explosive effects. If ever you've wanted to 'sing' on a subatomic level, then mudras may be in your future! LOL.

Traditionally, if you learn anything about mudras it is through long and intense study and meditation. More recently, an attunement method has been developed, much like the attunement methods used for Reiki. This is the format in which I was introduced to mudras as a healing force.

As I said, these energies ARE subtle, and until we are ready for them we don't REALLY use them. I wasn't QUITE ready for them when I had the opportunity to learn them, but something told me to take the class. I studied through to instructor level on faith. ABout three months later I was suddenly ready. WOW! I was glad I'd studied it. Now mudras are a daily, sometimes unconscious part of my life. I have allowed my subconscious to dictate their usages, with wonderful results.

Though I can teach them, I find fewer people than I would have expected who are ready for them. If I let it, this WOULD depress me. They are so neat! However, when the students appear, I am so tickled to introduce them to these simple, transforming finger positions, that I sometimes drop everything to hold impromptu classes.

The "system" I teach is called UNIVERSL SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING. I put system in quotations because, as long as we get the mudras out there, we can teach anything else along side that we want. One of the MAJOR differences between USE and Reiki is that whenever we attune someone to a mudra, we teach them to attune others to that same mudra. The idea in USE is to get the information out to as many people as possible.

Love Light, and Laughter,

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