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Meditations for Meeting Guides and Angels
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:29 p    Post subject: Meditations for Meeting Guides and Angels Reply with quote

Back when I was hosting the on-line meditations many people had shared some wonderful encounters they had during them so I was hoping that perhaps reposting them would rekindle the feelings for some and beginning some for others.
Most of them were 'given' to me while I was up at the Lake here, a couple were journeys I was taken on during my Spiritual Courses, and some were shared by others in the group and incorporated into what I had envisioned.
The ones that have others incorporated into I know I gave them credit when I had originally posted them on our former forum site after the session but not sure whether or not I had added that info to the ones I had in my notebook for the session. If not I apologize ahead of time and will get to them as time allows. Right now I am just going to copy and paste them in here while I can. It would be a shame to waste some helpful visualizations ... time to share ...
I would like to keep this whole thread strictly the meditations, so any comments, thoughts, shares...please start a new thread with it ...
And so the journeys begin ..... In Love and Light ....

(NOTE: These were done as group meditations and some parts may seem totally group orientated, just know that these are not strict guidelines for your own personal journeys. Feel free to alter your journey as you go on it to fit you. Let it be yours, and only use these as 'guidelines or thoughts" to help your own Inner Guidance reveal things to you. Enjoy YOUR Journey!)

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Joined: 23 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:30 p    Post subject: "Anchoring The Light" Reply with quote

Take a few deep breaths...and relax.
Ground yourself and center....Call on your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters or those you wish to join you on this journey....

It is a cool clear evening, and you are enjoying a walk in the woods. There is a gentle breeze blowing, and the leaves are rustling in a melodic tune...let the music whisper to your Soul.

The air is so fresh and clean and invigorating....even the Elementals are playing at your feet.
You can feel a sence of anticipation in the know something big is about to happen and that you are a very important part of it.

As you are walking along enjoying the peacefullness, you come upon a babbling brook and pause for a moment.

The water is so crisp and clean....moonlight sparkling on alive.
You bend down with cupped hands and scoop out a drink of this water.

As you sip it you feel as though you have just drank the Nectar of the Gods. Feel the water coursing through your entire

Every organ.......every muscle...every Perfection. The Perfection that is your Divine Birthright.

Up ahead you notice a glow eminating through the trees and as you walk towards the glowing you notice a clearing.
A magnificient field....full of flowers and lush and full of life.

There are others here.....and they are all gathered in a circle........they seem to be glowing.

As you get closer the Circle opens up and you walk to it.........they welcome you with open arms and thank you for joining so that they can complete this circle.

As you take their hands in your you notice that your hands are glowing also......and your arms........and your whole body. You realize that you too are illuminated and part of this circle of magnificient Souls.

You can see your reflection in their eyes and you know you are one with them.

take a few breaths and feel the connection.

Look around...all Heart Centers are as bright as the sun.....bright.....pulsing.

You notice there are beams eminating from our heart centers....extending out at angles....connecting to the next Heart Center..........untill all Centers are connected and we have formed a magnificient Grid of light.

Another beam of light.......a extending out from our Heart Centers........going up to the Heavens.......going up and up... beyond the stars, the suns, the moons, the galaxies...the universes...until they connect to one singular point of Light.

At the point of this Light is a huge Circle of Light..... It is anchored on our point....this portal of gets bigger and bigger....and it slowly decends to the earth....engulfing all around it on its path towards you.

Like a fast descending fog....lowering down through the Universe......encompassing and illuminating all in its path....see it surrounding yourself and spreading out to all in this circle, and as this Light decends, it is connecting to all the points of Light on this Planet....

Take a moment and see it spreading out to your own circle of family and friends....your home......your neighborhood....your city....your state....spreading and being Anchored.

See it spread across the states...the oceans....the continents. See all people, especially the goverments, leaders, and rulers engulfed in this Light. Let them be filled with the Light so that they can see a better way to end all this chaos on our planet.

See this Light Anchor to the the very core of her being.

Revel in this Light, for it is the Light of Peace, Understanding, Joy, Truth, and Love.

This is the Age of Light, and you have just helped to bring it down and anchor it on this Planet......

Now bring your attention back to all the Light be-ings gathered in this circle with you, and as you silently acknowledge each other, Thank them, and all teh Guides and Masters that have joined us know that you will always be connected to them and all around you.

You turn and slowly walk back the way you you walk through the woods you come upon the brook again. Reach down and take another sip and feel the water course through you..

Continue on your path until you exit the woods and come upon your home...

Enter your home..take a few deep breaths and bring your attention back to the here and now

Thank You!!!!

And Welcome Home Smile
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Joined: 23 Apr 2004
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Location: New York

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:32 p    Post subject: "Circle Of Light" Reply with quote

A Circle of Light....A Global Meditation

Center yourself and get comfy. If you want to call on your Angels and
guides, do so now. And when you are ready give me an ok.

Focus on your breath and becoming strong like a tree, able to weave this breath into yourself like the sap running through a tree.

Breathe Light into this breath, filling yourself with this divine Source of energy.

Allow any tensions to dis-solve on your out breath.

This loving Light flows through your BE-ing and into the roots of yourself, going deep into the Mother Earth.

The tool we will be using for this meditation is imagination.

It's okay to imagine, for imagination is the paintbrush of your Higher Self. Imag-I-Nation...the Lands of the Higher Self.

WE are imagining ourselves all the time, so then, WE can imagine ourselves Peaceful, Happy, Loving, Balanced, Tolerant.

Imagine, now, people you know or have yet to meet all around the planet. Each of them a pillar of Light, as you are now. All of you gathering for a moment of Peace.

In the center of all these people is a beautiful tapestry of many colors. It represents the many belief systems and thoughts and ideas of all the Peoples. Every color is present, and there are exquisite designs upon this blanket.

Imagine, now, you are sitting at the edge of this tapestry, and all your friends, family, and people you have yet to meet from all over the world are sitting around this blanket too.

Many BE-ings of Light are present here with you.

As WE sit around this tapestry of Life, imagine a great Solar Light beaming down upon everyone. The blanket is illuminated.

This Light filters down upon the crown of your head, into your Heart, and out your hands. Hold hands with those next to you, and feel this Light penetrating through your BE-ing.

Allow yourself to receive the Light from the person at your left.

This Light swirls into your Heart, where you add your Love to it, and then you send it out your right hand to the person next to you.

You may feel a heat or a tingling in your palms. This is your Light body, your Higher Self connecting to the Higher Selves of many.

All around the globe, WE become a chain of Loving Light.

You may feel tears of Joy flowing through your BE-ing. Its okay. WE are all re-membering our Oneness.

Thoughts of certain people in your life may come to surface. Send them a pulse of this Loving Light for them to use as they will.

Remember times when others tried to tell you their ideas were better, the "right way", and that you were wrong?

Now, from this place of Love and Light, you can understand how you used Patience instead of Judgment to weave the colors of your tapestry.

Is there someone you have Judged who could use some unconditional Patience and Tolerance right now? Send it to them in a pulse of Light.

Now, where you are at now, let this Light flow again into your roots, making sure you are anchoring it where you are on the Planet.

Each of us is a temple, able to be a vessel for the divine. Each of us affects the other.

Continue to let this loving energy flow through your hands and Heart.

WE are a Circle of Light. A Circle of Love. A Circle of Balance and Harmony. Spend a few moments weaving Gratitude into this tapestry.

As above, so below. Now the Mother energy flows through your BE-ing as well, bringing the tones of Beauty and Grace to this gathering. The Heart of the Mother is golden. Breathe this golden Light into your BE-ing.

With Mother Earth below us, and Father Sky surrounding us, WE the Children send pulses of Unconditional Love through our hands to our brothers and sisters all around the globe. There is no spot on Earth that goes untouched.

Take a moment to send Tolerance and Patience through your hands to the Children of the Earth.

Each of us has many lessons to work through, and none of us are better than the other. WE are all equal in the Light of Truth.

Notice how you feel refreshed now. More at Peace. Stay and linger here as long as you like, and visit as often as you imagine it.

You can visualize Loving the Children of the Earth when you are driving in your car, grocery shopping, linking this Loving Light wherever you go.

The people you will be encountering in the days to come, re-member that on some level you have linked with them and shared your Love and Light.

WE are All One. Remember to Love All you meet, for they are your Mirrors.

If you encounter someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, or is shy or withdrawn, imagine you have held their hands in this circle of Loving Light, and then release them to their own agenda. Love them anyway.

And when another special person enters your life, you will understand that on some level, they were drawn to your Love and Light, and you to theirs. Treat each other well.

Hug yourself now, and often. Your body needs this Loving Light too!

Welcome home, and thank you for sharing.
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Joined: 23 Apr 2004
Posts: 137
Location: New York

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:33 p    Post subject: "Connecting To The Web Of Life" Reply with quote

Connecting to the Web of Life

Let yourself relax… breathe deeply and slowly and allow your muscles to relax, to loosen to lengthen… to sag if need be…

Breathing slowly… from the abdomen…allow your stomach to rise with each breath that you take…

Slowly fill your lungs to the top…pause… and even more slowly exhale…

Continue to breathe slowly, deeply and comfortably as you prepare to begin….

When you are ready, become aware of your own energy… of your energy field, surrounding you… gently extending far out around you…

If you have a connection to the Reiki energies become aware of that connection… you may see it within your energy field, or you may feel it, or you may simply be aware of it….

Or just notice your connections to the universal energy which nourishes each and every one of us…

When you feel ready, begin to play with that energy connection… imagine that you are twirling or spinning it into a thread, or even a rope…

Much like a spinner or even a spider, you spin a long, very strong thread… long and strong… winding or coiling it up as you go…

When you feel as if you have spun enough, turn your attention outward… to the space which surrounds the earth… look at it with your mind’s eye…

Become aware of a great web of energy, encircling the world.

You may, at first, see it as a spider’s web…or it may appear as if it is almost a cocoon, surrounding the earth, it has grown so thick.

As you notice it, you find yourself extending your thread or rope out, out, until you connect yourself to the web… loop it and weave it, until you are firmly and comfortably connected…

As soon as you have made that connection, begin to feel the energy flowing from you, to the earth….

Feel the gentle, comforting flow of the Reiki, or the Universal Energy as it flows through your connection to it, and out, into the web…

After a moment or two, you begin to become more in tune with the web itself… and you begin to notice its various aspects…

At first, you see that there are many others in the web, sending energy to the earth, just as you are doing…

You may greet them as friends, or simply send a thought of love toward them, for you all are joined in a loving endeavor….

Now… turn your focus to the earth itself… see how the web intertwines with the energy grids that surround and flow through the earth… creating its structure.

Feel the glow of the grids as the energy flows through them… nourishing the earth from its surface and atmosphere, through to its very core…

As you watch, the earth glows with the energy... and it radiates back outward toward the web...

Feel the loving energy of the earth as you observe… and your energy flow seems to be a bit greater…

You are aware that your very cells are aligning with the earth's grids... and feel yourself growing at one with the earth...with the entire web of life..of Spirit... and a wonderfully subtle shift occurs...

Next, turn your attention to the creatures of the earth…. From the birds to the fish, from the insects to the large land and sea animals… all are joining in…connecting to the web of energy that now surrounds them….

The energy flows through the waters of the earth… and is connected to the plants, as well…

As you feel the energy that they, too are sending through the web, you feel your own connection growing stronger… and you realize that even as you send the energy of the universe through the web to the earth, you too are nourished by the gentle energy…

And it feels so good….

Continue to observe the web… now looking outwards…

Notice that the people you first noticed are not alone in sending their energies to the earth…

First you notice beings of the spirit… Guides…Avatars…Masters…. both ascended and living…

You may notice Buddha… or Christ… or Mohammad… or you might become aware that there are Angels also connected to this huge, all enveloping web.

Perhaps you marvel at the company you are now keeping, though you feel their gentle love and amusement at your humble attitude, and slowly you begin to share their loving joy.

As your comfort with the company grows, you become aware that energy flows from the solar system to the web… and that others from beyond our galaxy have joined us in this loving endeavor… and your focus shifts…

Begin to see that the energy is also flowing from other dimensions… and you realize that you, too are connected to those dimensions…

The feeling of the energy flowing through you grows gently stronger… and it feels so good….

Continue to send, as your awareness expands once again….

See how the web is strongly connected to the Universe… and that the Universal Energy flows directly to the earth, and in doing so, nourishes each and every part and connection of the web…

Feel the joy as the energy flows through you and through the web, into the earth… and you glow with the energy… and the earth is glowing more and more as the energy flows into it… and from it… and the web glows strongly…

Continue to send energy through the web for as long as you choose… knowing that you may continue to do so at anytime you wish.... simply intend or think of the web, and the energy will flow…

Know that you will remain connected to the web until such time as you choose to disconnect yourself… or you may simply remain connected indefinitely… and it will feel good… and you will feel good…

You might even continue to channel energy through the web continuously… for it will also nourish you…

You may wish to take a few moments playing with this web.... go for it
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:35 p    Post subject: "Creating Your Garden" Reply with quote

Take a moment to center yourself...and if you desire to place any symbols or healing energies into the room then do so now...and when you are done just give me the "k" and we will continue.

Take a deep breath.......feel it fill every nook and cranny of your you release your body is relaxing.....starting at your neck and shoulders.....feel all the tension being released

inhale............exhale...releasing all the tension in your arms

Inhale............exhale...your torso is totally relaxed

Inhale.............exhale..hips and abdomen relaxing

Inhale..............exhale...legs and feet... releasing...letting go

Inhale..............exhale......releasing any particle in your being that is not perfection

Take a few more breaths....totally peace

There is a magnificent Being of Light standing in front of you. You feel this presence. It is familiar to you and so comfortable. You are totally relaxed and open to what this being is here to give you.

As you open yourself up to the energy of this beautiful, pure cosmic being, you become aware that there is a mist forming about your head. It's source extends beyong the earth plane and comes to rest at the top of your head.

With every inbreath you pull this mist in through your crown chakra.....filling your being

your neck
down your arms and into your fingertips
throughout you chest
Until you are totally engulfed in this mist of pure white energy

The glorious Light Being now places his/her hands on your head...turning this mist into a solid bright while light that reaches out to the Universe. Connecting us to all our Cosmic brethern.
This Light feels so empowering.....peaceful......relaxing
You have just been given the gift of the Galactic Light. This is yours to use, and only requires intent to get it flowing.

The Being steps back a few inches and asks you to cup your hands in front of you......palms up.
She/he has a beautiful golden urn in their hands and they hold this urn above your hands. As he/she tips it you see this Goledn liquid flowing into your hands.... this liquid gold just keeps pouring forth into your hands, yet it doesn't flow over.
Now your Light Being cups their hands over the top of yours. She/He may have a message for you....they may not........take a moment and be still to receive if they have one.

Your Light Being steps back and instinctivly you know that you must form a sphere out of this liquid gold. Like making a form a perfect ball of this light. Once you are happy with your Golden Sphere, hold it up to your heart center. See it begin to enter into your heart chakra until it becomes part of you.

This is the Gift of the Golden Sphere, and to activate it all you need to do is envision the sphere in your heart center, and see it grow until it surrounds you in a bubble of liquid gold, until you become the Golden Sphere of your Christ Consciousness.

As you look into this Beings eyes to thank him, you begin to see wings coming from behind this being,,,slowly enclosing you. Wrapping you in love.....peace.......comfort. And you know that this Angelic Being will stay with you always.
Your Ange/Guide stretches their hands out to you and you gently place your hands in theirs. He/She tells you that they have a special place to take you. And you beging to walk...

You are walking down a path...take a mental note of what the path is made of. Up ahead you see a gate...this is the gate to your own special Garden... as you enter through the gate look to your right and see what is there. Is there a gazebo, or maybe a swing. Pay attention to the size...shape...color. All of these are symbolic for you.
Now look over to your left...there is a beautiful, peaceful waterfall...flowing into a gentle stream....this is your place of cleansing...make it look the way you would want it to look.

Up ahead you see a very large walk over to the tree, and notice that right next to it is a bench. What is the bench made of....what color...what is it made it part of the tree...and what kind of tree is it...make mental notes. You have a seat on this bench and in a very short time someone comes to sit next to you. It may be a person, or an animal, or a bird.....whatever it is..they are here for you and they have a message.
Quiet yourself for a few and listen to this message. And when you are ready to continue say ok.

As you open your eyes you see your Light Being standing there with a beautiful purple rose, and he takes your hand as you quietly stroll out of your garden.

Now we have come to a field outside of your garden....where we all meet up again.
Here we form two lines, about 2 feet apart, facing eachother.
The first one in the line will imagine walking through this line with their eyes closed, and those on the outside will gently guide them through this 'path of Human Angels' and should we get a message, or just choose to whisper encouraging words, we do so as we guide them along the path. Again, open your heart to Spirit and let them speak through you.

And when the last one in the group has walked the walk, take a few deep breaths and slowly bring your awareness back to the now....
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:38 p    Post subject: "Creative Visualization" Reply with quote

Take a deep breath......get comfy.
Take a moment to call on your
Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters...whoever you wish to join you in this meditations..

Take 4 deep breaths slowly in and out.
Imagine you are in the 4th dimension, in your etheric spirit body.

Using your mind and your spiritual body, stretch out your right hand and see it before you.
You notice that your arm has a radiant luminescent quality and light shimmers through it.

With your mind, manifest (construct with your Will) a cube, 7 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches, in a bright shiny shimmering golden color, floating one inch above your hand.

Look at this cube and SEE its beautiful radiance.

Now with your mind power, slowly spin this cube clockwise (as seen from above).

Watch it spin ever so gently for a few seconds and appreciate the fact that this is in fact REAL and is happening on the 4th dimension.

It is no longer just imagination, it is REAL.

While the golden cube spins gently, manifest a 10 inch diameter blue-green ball, 2 inches above the spinning golden cube.

This ball looks like earth viewed from outer space but it is much more brilliant in color.

It seems like it is shining from within and the colors are beautiful beyond description.

Appreciate the beauty of this beautiful miniature earth shining bright, above the spinning golden cube.

Again, with the power of your mind, WILL the little earth down over the spinning golden cube so that it perfectly envelopes the cube...

and now, in the palm of your hand you have the luminescent earth with the spinning golden cube inside.

Watch it for a few seconds and appreciate its beauty.

Now manifest a brilliant white pyramid made of diamond, a few inches above the globe in your hand.

The pyramid is large enough to fit over the blue-green earth in your hand but hold it there, floating above the earth for a few seconds.

Notice how it sparkles brightly with beautiful streaks of light shooting off into the distance every now and then.

Using your WILL once again, spin the this diamond pyramid counter-clockwise (as seen from above).

See the sparkles shimmer and many more light streaks fly off into the distance as the pyramid starts spinning.

Notice how the earth stands still and how the cube and the pyramid spins in opposite directions.

With your WILL, bring the spinning pyramid down OVER the earth globe in your hand... and it fits perfectly.

Now you have a golden cube spinning inside the earth and both of these are now inside the brilliant spinning diamond pyramid.

Sit for a moment and watch this creation of yours. Notice its incredible beauty.

Feel the radiant Light of your creation shining warmly on your hand and your face.

Now from your Heart center, your own Heart Chakra, project a beam of brilliant white Light, a beam of pure divine Love, into your spinning creation and see how it responds to YOUR Love.

Let your creation glow with your Love.

With your mind and WILL, accelerate the spinning of the pyramid and the cube to super fast Lightspeed and as it instantly responds to your WILL, see your creation burst forth into brilliant intense golden-white light that shines for millions of miles into the galaxy.

Hand this wonderful gift of YOUR Love and Light to our Mother, the Earth...

WILL it from your hand, see it fly off your hand and swoop through the night sky and enter deep into the core of our planet earth.

Watch it travel and illuminate the earth from within as it settles at the core of the planet.

See how your gift of Love & Light adds to the radiance of our Earth. See the ripples of Love and Light spread out to the surface where it touches the Hearts and Minds of every living creature on the earth.

What a beautiful glorious GIFT from you to the universe, to our galaxy, to our planet earth and to every living being on earth. YOU created this gift. It is part of YOU.

Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness back to the present moment....

Thank you for sharing Smile
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:39 p    Post subject: "Fire Circle" Reply with quote

Take a moment to Center yourself....get comfy...and invite your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters.....whoever you choose to join you on this journey....and when you are ready...say ok...

If everyone would imagine joining hands with the person on either side of us on the list. Left palm up, right palm down.

Take a deep breath, relax, feel the energy flowing in a clockwise direction around this circle of love.

Again breathe in deep, breathe out long, completely relaxed,

Once more, breathe in deep, breathe out long & slow, completely relaxed,

Feel the energy flow around this wheel.... it is getting stronger.... we are all connected
The energy is so loving and beautiful we feel like we could melt.

Now...we squeeze each other’s hands and let go, the energy is still revolving...even though we aren't holding hands any longer the energy still flows

We are sitting in a circle around a huge fire pit, the energy is revolving around and through us in a clockwise manner

Above us is a splendid moon, the moonbeams saturate us with this subtle moonlight, the fire in the middle of the circle warms us, our faces are filled with a rosy glow.

Now... we will be placing our own hands upon the tops of our heads, feel the energy from the circle flow down through your fingertips.
So relaxing, so warm, so healing the vibration is tingly and mellow we are all connected. You can sit back and close your eyes for a moment.

Now.. ever so gently lift your hands...slowly place them over your eyes. Our eyes take in so much energy during the day... feel the energy gently bath your eyes...

Remove your hands from your eyes and place them over your ears... our ears hear so much energy during the day.... this is so healing.... feels so good... the energy flows into our ears

Now we gently lift our hands... very slowly... gently pat the energy around the area you are lifting from, feel the subtle layers of energy, feel the vibration, notice any hot or cold spots.

Next.... Gently put your hands on your own neck, either side over the glands, the arteries, around the back of the neck.
The back of neck holds so much tension, let this tension melt under the warmth of your cupped hands, we feel the flow and connection with each other and ourselves.

The energy is moving in our own bodies, but we also feel the subtle connection with the rest of the group sitting in the circle.

The fire in the center blazes higher and higher the warmth is reflected in pink tones on all our faces.

Now, gently lifting... patting the energy, slowly lift your hands and place them anywhere on your chest area, wherever guided. Notice any area of hot or cold... any vibrational changes.

The energy spirals into your chest area... if anything comes up for you... just witness it... feel the warmth and heat of your hands, relaxed, gentle, loving.

Close your eyes for a moment, feel the vibrations of love... the flames in the fire pit in the middle of the circle blaze higher and higher in our own hearts.

The reflection of the fire is warm, the moon beams its subtle rays down onto the tops of our heads and penetrates and permeates us with this subtle healing energy.

We feel connected to each other... to ourselves... to the Universe, to the One Vibration.... the energy increases in our hands and we feel a deep bliss.

The reiki energy flows to wherever it is needed in our bodies.... from this space in time...we feel integrated with our hands and the vibration.

Next... slowly lift and pat the energy... around your heart area... wherever you were guided to put your hands and place your hands anywhere on your stomach area that you feel guided to go you can feel the strength and power of this area...

Notice the subtle energy shift, notice any hot or cold spots, notice any pings or cramps you may feel in your hands make sure you are comfortable.

As the fire shoots up into the sky in the middle of the circle, the flames reach higher and higher we feel the spiral of energy shoot up within us

Very subtle...healing.... relaxing..... we are filled with and surrounded by this light of vibrational consciousness
(and so now .. the time for this self healing session will soon be coming to a close...
But we will be still sitting here in the circle. )

Our hands are hot and warm it feels so good to bask in the firelight and in this circle of love and healing, so supportive, so connected

Now... we will gently lift our hands from our stomach area, moving them into the prayer position, near the heart chackra...the energy continues to flow clockwise

The vibration is strong, our eyes dip, nearly closed in bliss.... the fire continues to blaze

We are all part of this circle of healing and love, the energy has integrated, healed and made us whole on a myriad of levels.... mental, spiritual, and physical. We feel the well of gladness in our hearts and minds.

(I would like to thank our Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Guides for the Light and Healing Energy that has flowed around our circle this evening and ask that they stay with us as we move into whatever we’re gonna’ do next Cathi. *grin*)

Draw your attention back to the fire....notice it has split into 3 Flames, and 3 distinct colors....

On your right it is a beautiful Blue flame...this is the Flame of our Father God...the Flame of Truth and Protection.
On your right it is a glorious Pink Flame....the Flame of our Mother God....the Flame of Divine Love....
And in the center it is a bright Golden Flame.....the Flame of our own Christ Consciousness....our Higher Self

Slowly reach into the Flames....feel the comfort. This is a Flame without heat...only energy. Cup you hands in this Flame and acccept the spark of Blue Flame as it begins to dance in your cupped hands.
Slowly place your cupped hands over your heart center....
Feel the .....and truth...that this flame ignites within you.
As you slowly move your hands back into the fire you notice the Blue Flame is still lit and burning ever so brightly in your heart center.
Now reach for the Pink Flame....again....notice as the spark that has lept into your hands begins its lovely dance....and grows...
Again...slowly place this Flame into your heart center.....and as it begins to ignite your heart center feel the blissfullness of Pure Divine Love....unconditional and unending. Feel the Love as it courses through your entire being....
Now we reach back in to the center of the firepit......and a bright spark of Golden Flame jumps into our cupped hands....
Watch as this Golden Flame grows....dancing in our hands......
This time you will place this Flame on the top of your head.....
feel it coursing through your crown chakra.....down through your third eye.....down....down through the throat chakra.....
See it as it continues to go down to your Heart Center.....settling in the center of the Flames already there.
Feel it as it connects to the two the 3 become one....seperate yet whole.....connecting....
Feel the glow as this Three Fold Flame warms your being...
Know that this Flame is with you always.....this is the Flame of the Sacred Truths.....and is a part of you...

Now take a moment to thank all those who joined us in this circle tonight....the Guides, Masters, Avatars, Angels, Ascended Masters....from the physical and non-physical planes.

Take a few deep breaths and bring your focus back to the here and now.....
Thank you for playing Smile
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:42 p    Post subject: "Golden Vortex" Reply with quote

Take a moment to get yourself on your guides or whoever you wish to join you on this journey.

Take a deep breath....feel that life giving force fill your entire being....

As you body relaxes....tension leaving with every out breath.

Imagine we are all sitting in a a large room. There are many beings here with us, and they have all come to share in this experience tonight.

Draw your attention to your Heart see a Golden Spark.

Close your eyes and take in 7 deep breaths, and with each breath see the flame expand until it fills your entire being....then open eyes and we'll continue

Feel your entire being begin glow as it is consumed byt the Golden Flame of your Christ Consciousness/Higher Self.

As you look around the circle you see that all are aglow....feel the connectedness with all the Light Beings in the room tonight.

As your eyes take in the magnificience of this room of Golden Flames you entire being is feeling the Love that is eminating from everyone of us....

Breath in that Love....Inhale deep.....feel it fill your being...

As you exhale...purse your lips and blow out into the center of the circle.

At this moment you are all comsumed in your Higher Self...and as this Pure Spirit you are exhaling only that which is of the Highest Good.

And notice with every outbreath we creat a swirling vortex of energy...

Inhale........Pure Divine Love

Exhale...... Pure Divine Love

Inhale.......Pure Divine Forgiveness

Exhale.......Pure Divine Forgiveness

Inhale.......Pure Divine Compassion

Exhale...... Pure Divine Compassion

Draw your attention to the center of the circle...see the swirling vortex of Golden Flames.

Reach into this swirling mass of energy and as you withdraw you notice a spiral of energy in your hands.

Take a moment to anchor this vortex of pure energy....where ever you wish.

It can be within your own being....or your entire home.......your neighborhood.....or even a 'special' place that you would like to open a portal of Light at.

Now draw your attention back to the center.......and watch as that Vortex begins to grow again.......
getting wider and wider as it begins to spread out and touch all those in this circle.

As it begins to encompass the entire group feel the swirling Flame of all our Higher Selves we become one big Energy Vortex.

Anchor that portal to our precious Earth Mother.

Take a few deep breaths and relax in the comfort and protection this Flame eminates. Feel it coursing through your being as it instill all the peacefullness and tranquility this energy brings.

Feel your body become totally relaxed...
made whole......
as all tensions....angers and fears are melted away

As you stand in your Divine Presence see your world as you wish it to be....
as it your decree..

Take a few deep breaths and bring your attention back to the here and now

Welcome Home........and thank you for playing Smile
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:48 p    Post subject: "Human Angels" Reply with quote

Let's take a few minutes to Center ourselves and get comfy.
For those of you who wish to place symbols, or any other healing energy into your fields or the room, you may do so now. And as soon as everyone gives me the "ok" we will begin...

Take a deep breath......exhale...

Imagine, in your minds eye, and see it on the screen, we are sitting in a circle, in a crystal room. Feel the energy of the crystal vibrating to the very core of your being, amplifying all this energy as we invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Transformation.

This Flame is one of our gifts that we can use to transmute/transform the cause, core, record effect and memory of any negative energies that may be keeping us from standing in our own Divine Presence.

As you begin to see this Flame fill the room and surround us, inhale deeply...let the flame fill your being...every muscle...every bone...every cell...every the very core of your being. Feel the Flame coursing through your entire being...and as you exhale you release all the negative patterns.

The Flame surrounding us will transmute that negative energy.

Inhale this Divine life changing energy.......exhale anything that is less than perfection...

Take a moment to be completely engulfed in this Flame.......become the Flame. Decree to yourself..."I AM a Force of the Violet Flame, greater than any human experience"

Take a few more deep breaths and experience being the Flame.

Now draw your attention to the center of this circle. There is a little white Light there....pulsing.....growing. This Light is brighter than 10 suns, yet gentle to the eyes. As it grows, and fills the Center of the Circle, pulsing...swirling.... it opens a doorway and in the center of our cirlce step the Ascended Masters, Guides, ArchAngeles and Archai.

Take a moment to thank your Guides and these gracious Beings for joining us in this Healing tonight. Some of them come bearing gifts. It may be a symbol, a word, a may even be just the Light.

If they have a gift for you, accept it with gratitude and humbleness, for this is your own personal gift for asking them for their assistance tonight. Do with it as you see fit. It is your gift for calling on them and for accepting your Divine Heritage.

Notice the Light is beginning to overflow out of the circle....slowly surrounding you. Breath in this Light, and as you breath it in feel it go straight to your heart center.....filling up your heart.........and every pulse is sending this Light throughout your body. As it rises up.....feel it filling your chest............your shoulders.............arms................throat.............head.....and out your crown chakra to the sun, beyond the sun, beyond the sun....connecting you to your Divine Parents.

Now it is gently filling your lower body.....feel it fill your solar plexus area......down to your abdomen........and hips.......thighs......knees........calves.........feet. Feel in seeping down through the floor into our precious Mother Earth, grounding us with her energies....Down into the very core of her being.

Now slowly in your minds eye, reach your hands out to your sides......left palm facing down, and right palm facing up. Reach out until your hands touch the hands of the persons on both sides of you in this circle. Gently placing your hands together......feel your Light connect to their Light.

And as you send your Light out through your left hand and draw it in through your right hand...see this light extend around the circle...connecting all of us until we become a circle of Light.

Know....we are Human Angels, and we have just created and connected our Halo. Take a moment and feel the connection.

If there is anyone who would like to step into the center of the circle at this time, please say at a time.....and we can all beam you a super dose.

If anyone is so inclined to send a particular color or symbol or energy pleases do so....let Spirit Guide you.

Before we leave please take a moment to thank all those who came here to help us tonight, both in the physical and non-physical form.

Take a few deep breaths.....slowly bringing your awareness back to the here and now

Welcome Home.......and thank you!!!!!!!
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:57 p    Post subject: "Revisiting Your Garden" Reply with quote

I'm going to pause periodically for you to close your eyes, breath deep, and visualize what you have read....and when you are ready to proceed just say ok...I will say "Imagine" when I am pausing....

Take a moment to center yourself....Call on your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters...whomever you desire to join you on this journey.
Breathe deeply....Inhaling through the nose....feel it filling up your abdomen
Exhaling......through your mouth...feel all tensions leaving your body...
As you continue concentrating on your breathing, you feel your shoulders relax....
and your arms......
Breathe in......filling up your entire torso...
Exhale....fell your entire torso relax...
Breathe in..deep...relaxing breath...
Exhale...feel your entire abdomen relax
Take another deep breath......
Release it...feel your legs relax.....thighs....calves......ankles...feet
Your body is totally relaxed....

You are going on a journey to your Inner Garden. You grab your backpack. This is a special backpack. In it you will place all your fears, your worries, your pains and your concerns that you have been dealing with recently. This bag is big enough to hold them all. Take a moment and pack this bag.

Notice the color of your backpack. This is the color you should use as much as possible this week.
Now that your bag is packed, you head for your door.
As you open the door you walk into a beautiful lush yard. The colors are so vivid they are alive.
As you walk towards the gate you notice a bird flying over head. He has a message for you. Pay attention to what kind of bird this is.

As you continue on your way, you approach the Gate. There is a bench in front of the gate.
You notice a man and woman sitting on this bench. These are two of the most magnificient Beings you have ever seen. Their Presence is so comforting.
You walk up to them and realize this is your Father and Mother God.
They both smile as they greet you and your Heart is so overflowing with Love.
They motion for you to sit on the bench with them. Your Father holds his hands out to take your backpack, and as you hand it to him you feel your entire being become light as you turn all your cares over to Him.
You look over to your Mother, as She holds out her hand, you place yours in Hers and you at once feel the Oneness with Her.
Take a few moments and talk to her. She has something to tell you before you enter into your garden.

You slowly get up and head for the Gate to your Garden. As you approach this Gate notice how big or small it is. What is it made of? Is the design simple or intricate? How does it feel to your touch?
Close your eyes for a second and will this gate to open.......
As it opens your sences are filled with the most exhilerating aroma from all the flowers and trees.
Your Garden is alive with animals, and birds, and insects. Every species of creation is at home in this Garden. This is their sanctuary as well as yours

Look over to the right as you enter. Notice if there are any changes from your last journey here. Are there any changes you wish to make? If so, do it now........and give the ok when done

Look over to your left......where your water fountain is, and your stream. Does this area need any cleaning or weeding. Is it exactly as you want it to be? If anything needs to be done do it now.....then give the ok

As you continue on your path, up ahead you see your tree and the bench where you last sat and talked with your Guide. On the bench is a gift from your Guide.....You walk up to it and put this gift in your pocket. As you thank them you continue on your way.

There is a building up ahead....this is your Prosperity Building. As you approach this building you notice the walls are translucent, and there is no door. The only blocks to this building are ones that you have created...and you now see that in reality there are none.
As you enter this "space" you see a huge 'machine' in the center of the room. This machine has 2 openings, and instinctively you know one is for your thoughts to enter and the other is for the creation to exit.
Spend a moment 'loading' this machine. And marvel at the quickness that it can assimilate and process your thoughts ....

Notice at the far end of this area is a table, and on that table is a minature pocket sized version of this machine. this is for you to carry with you at all times.
Go over and pick it up and place this in your pocket.

As you exit this building you notice a new building up ahead.
This is another pyramid shaped building, with the outside resembling the two way mirrors you are familiar with.
As you enter this building you notice that each wall is a different color. As you walk closer to the first wall you notice that the sun shinning through is casting an etheric wall of the same color.
This first wall is a beautiful luminescent green...the color of beginnings. As you stand in the midst of this green wall you feel your entire being absorbing this wonderful green healing energy.

You walk over to the next wall....this one is a beautiful a clean deep blue sea...and you walk into the etheric blue wall and absorb the wonderful energy of Truth, Protection and Fatherly Love...

You now proceed to the next one....this one is Pink...a comforting, soft but bright Pink....and as you step into the etheric Pink wall you abosrb all the energy of Divine Love, Motherly Love, Unconditional Love...

Now you walk over to the last wall...and this wall is a brilliant golden yellow. As you step into it you sence a connectedness to your Higher Self...your Christ Consciousness...and All That Is...

You turn to walk out the building....almost feeling as if you are floating out....but knowing you are still grounded to the earth...

As you turn to head back out the gate, you notice two Angelic Beings standing there, waiting to bestow their gifts upon you to carry into your everday world.
Honor the Beings by Honoring their gifts.

As they gesture towards the gates, the gates open, and though you really don't want to leave your Garden, you know that you can come here at anytime.
You slowly walk out the gate and again you are greeted by your Divine Parents....
Your Mother God hugs you, and whispers something in your ear........
Your Father God returns your back pack to you....and you notice how much lighter it feels after turning everything over to Him. You hug your Father God and thank Him for taking on all your worries.
Your entire being feels lighter, and there is a bouyancy to your step.
You are at peace with and within yourself. You feel as though you are floating back into your home.

As you enter your home again...take a few deep breaths....bringing your attention back to your surroundings.....

Welcome Home......And thanks for playing!
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