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Reiki Crisis

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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 1:05 pm    Post subject: Reiki Crisis Reply with quote

Reiki Crisis
by Sile M.

Dear Reiki Masters,

I am writing this to all my colleagues in the Reiki world as a matter
of the utmost urgency and urge you to pass this message on speedily to
as many people as you can, in order to avert the disaster that is
threatening all our livelihoods.

It has come to my notice that there are subversive elements who are
hell bent on lowering the costs of training in Reiki, indeed some of
them are even offering to teach Reiki free of charge. This must be
stopped. Personally I have been sending my own particular brand of
Reiki to these people in the hope that they will all henceforth lose
the ability to connect to the energy thereby rendering them
ineffective. With love and compassion of course.

There are rumors being spread, on the internet mostly, that you don't
need to pay vast amounts to practice Reiki. Now you and I know that
the more you pay for your training the more effective that it is.
These people are asking why then are we not healing more people with
our better, stronger, Reiki. I think they are missing the point
here. When we say more effective, we do not mean more effective for
people in general. We mean that our 'Better than theirs Reiki' is
much more effective at mystifying, confusing, and generally causing
arguments amongst people thought they were adopting a spiritual
practice which ultimately benefits all sentient beings. The last
thing that is needed is for anyone to suspect that free Reiki and
expensive Reiki is exactly the same thing. If these people are
allowed to continue spreading information freely, teaching and passing
attunements freely and passing on the benefits of their own experience
so that others can learn, then we can all kiss respective golden
gooses goodbye. I for one will not tolerate this disrespectful
behavior, if I paid thousands to purchase the gift of Reiki, then
everyone else should pay thousands too - it's only fair. Added to
that I have already ordered my new BMW and I'm damned if I'm giving
that up.

Contrary to what is being spread about we traditionalists, I have
never discriminated against anyone who wanted to learn Reiki. I
teach anyone no matter what creed, colour, sex or age they are. The
only thing I take into account is how much money they can pay me.
And accusations of discrimination against the not rich may be directed
to my legal advisors.

There are a number of things that you can do. Firstly pass this
letter on as soon as you can. The quicker we can inform people the
more chance we have of preserving our philosophy of spiritual

If you hear of anyone who subscribes to the free Reiki camp, then you
can spread rumors about them. Tell people that they will not be
trained properly. Explain about the sliding scale payments that
ensure your eventual enlightenment, as soon as the last payment is made.
(I also run a finance company that provides high interest loans for
those who can't afford to pay all at once - just as a further service
to my brothers and sisters see www.reikisharks.com)

Also, please ensure that if you are training new students, that they
only find out information on a need to know basis (I ask for medical
certification to validate their requests) this way you can make sure
that they can't give anything away.

If students question the high prices, you can inform them that as you
are much more spiritually advanced than they, they should just accept
what they are told. There is a real danger of non qualified people
starting to think that everyone on the planet is on a spiritual path
unless this is not done forcefully. Also discourage discussion
between students, sometimes they get together and form their own
learning groups and this is to be avoided at all costs.

Anyone who asks why after paying all that money to you, were they not
able to heal their friend/parent/child's illness should be informed
that it is because they are not dedicated enough and their intent must
have been impure. Sign them up for further courses to rectify their
failings immediately. You should be able to extort a further three
or four courses worth of money out of them before they realize that
they've been had.

Always remember to smile and speak gently, that way they won't realize
that you've been patronizing them for a long time.

If they are still not convinced show them that your lineage is printed
on really nice paper, and can be traced back to Dr. Usui's next-door
neighbor's granny via an offshore Swiss Bank. There is also the
enticement of really big symbols that have just been channeled - I
find that most folks will sign up like a shot when they hear about
that. In actual fact I have recently been given two of the most
wonderful symbols by my guide Itsmaparti which are incredible. These
not only heal any ailment, raise people from the dead, but can help
train problem dogs and assemble flat pack furniture too. If anyone
wants to be attuned to these symbols, I can let you have them
discounted when you sign up for my own Skarew Yue Reiki (accredited by
God) details of this will shortly be available on my forthcoming
web site, as soon as my latest master candidate can find the time to
design it for me.

On this planned web site (url will be forwarded to those interested),
the total cost of all 100 levels, grand mastership, really
grandmastership, goldenlineagebearership,
extraspecialruleroftheuniversedegreelevel, and the sacred 443 symbols
given to me by Ismaparti will described in very obscure language so as
to make sure that nobody finds out a thing unless I say so. The most
special thing about this new Reiki (which is set to wipe out all other
Reikists) is that all the symbols are rented only to students and are
held by me under copyright. Each symbols is changed on a weekly
basis, the old symbols being dis empowered by myself, in order that I
can keep tight controls on this wonderful god given energy and there
will be no chance of anyone being able to use them if they are ever
put on the net.

Please join with me to suppress all information about Reiki, keep
Reiki as pure and elitist as it has ever been, and above all sling
plenty of mud at those who would offer healing to the world. Our
bank statements are at risk. ACT NOW!

Your compassionate and loving friend,

Guru Boundless Ego

Grand Reiki Advanced Master Teacher Lineage Bearer of the MY REIKI IS
BETTER THAN YOURS IS (c) Worldwide Association

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