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Reiki Teddy Bear

Herbs 2006 Calendar
by Turid Forsyth
Price: $11.19
Herein they'll find herbs destined for the salad bowl and beyond, presented in a practical, inspirational format that highlights not only the beauty of herbs but also their wonderful versatility.

Green Teas Sampler
6 tins
Price: $15.00
Impressive health benefits
• no fat, sugar, calories or carbs.



Christmas Market Basket, from Harry and David (their products are Wonderful!), is just one of many gift baskets and gourmet items available.   Visit the Gourmet Food Store

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Bush Flower Essences Remedies

Deluxe Holiday Tower-
Harry and David
Price: $49.95
Harry and David's Deluxe Tower of Treats features seven layers of pleasure--including coveted Royal Pears, Crisp Mountain apples, and more. (I have never been disappointed in anything from Harry and David... it's all delicious!)

Australian Bush Flower Essences - Emergency
Price: $12.95

Excellent for any emotional upset. This body cream has a calming effect during a crisis, before a job interview, or before and/or after any stressful situation, especially during this busy time of the year.


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The Power of Giving: Creating Abundance in Your Home, at Work, and in Your Community
by Azim Jamal
Price: $10.36


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