Healing Meditation

When using a Healing Meditation we are actually reprogramming our negative thoughts that have brought on our illness or disease into our positive desire for health and wholeness.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how you perceive the image, (some see themselves in their mind’s eye, while others imagine the process going on in their body, and still others just have a knowing that what they are imagining is happening to them) but the important thing is that you are actively participating in the healing process.

One of the easiest meditations that I was taught (by my friend and Teacher, Carol Mosley) can have quite a profound effect on the Chakra System. As with all meditations, it is recommended that one sit in an upright position with feet flat on floor, legs uncrossed and hands on lap with palms up. And of course always surround yourself with either white or sapphire blue Light. You may also want to call on your Angels, Guides or M.A.P. Team to assist you in the process.

Next, imagine a cabinet at each Chakra Center, and in that cabinet are Chakra Plates, each one being 6″ in diameter, about the size of a dessert plate.

Beginning with the cabinet at the Root Chakra, remove the plate and check for any breaks, chips or discoloration. Of course, as this is the Root Chakra, the plate should be a nice bright red to correspond with that Chakra’s color. If there are no breaks in the plate then give it a good shinning, in clockwise direction, and then place it back into the cabinet and proceed on to the next. If, however, you have cracks in your plate, then repair them or get rid of it. Throw it out, smash it up, play shot-put with it… whatever means of disposal you choose, then get a brand new one, give it a little shining and place that in your cabinet.

Continue the process until you have finished with all your Chakras. At this point you may end your meditation and thank whomever assisted you in your cleaning, or you may wish to take it one step further, as I have often done. After I go through that process I like to make sure that each one of my Chakras are large enough and spinning enough, so I pull out my pendulum and proceed in this manner…

I ask my Guides to show me my Root Chakra, and if it is not large enough, or round enough, or even spinning fast enough, I then ask them to fix it, either by saying, “make it bigger” or “make it rounder” or “make it faster,” whichever is needed. When it is where I imagine it to be just right, then I say “make it so,” and wait for my pendulum to stop spinning. I then continue on to the next one. Remember, as a matter of good etiquette and because they to like to be appreciated, always thank your Guides and Angels for helping you.

By Cathi