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Working with Your Healing Guides
by Terri

For those who are doing this for the first time, a formal ceremony / ritual will help you to get in the right frame of mind and set the tone. Once you are comfortable working with your Guides, a simple thought is all you will need to get in touch with your Guides... they're always with us. There are different methods used for this, I encourage you to find one which will work best for you. 

Energy Healing Guides, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides (Totems), Angels, and such, will have no true reality for you until you have personally felt their presence and have communicated with them directly. Once you have, you will discover that new doorways of wisdom and knowledge have been opened to you! You will also, and perhaps for the first time, fully realize that we are never really alone. Our Guides manifest on many different levels and help with every possible NEED (not WANT) we may have. 

You have several Guides, each working in a specific area of your life. Some are protectors and work with health issues (such as our Healing Guides), others help with your career, relationship, plans and dreams. There are also guardian angels and spiritual masters. Whether or not you perceive their presence, they are always near. 

Some believe that our Guides are aspects of our own Higher Self, personified. One explanation I've come across regarding this school of thought is that when we are born into this physical world, we voluntarily leave behind the realms of light and submerge ourselves in the slow, heavy vibrations of the earthly plane. As we descend, we are shielded from memories of our former existence. If not shielded, few of us would elect to remain in such discord if we retained clear recollection of the radiance we left behind. And if we did elect to stay, it would be extremely difficult to function "normally" with all of the memories of all of our lives playing over in our minds. 

However, we do not come here alone. We have a large assemblage of beings accompany each of us. These are guardians and guides, working with us and through us, but remaining at finer vibratory levels, in touch with both realms of existence. Each Guide is entrusted with a specific assignment, and we are the ones who determine (through our free will) the success or failure of each mission. 

Once we have established direct contact with our Higher Selves, and with All That Is -- the Universal Consciousness -- a major aspect of their task is completed. At that point, our "guidance" comes directly from Higher Consciousness, and our Spirit Guides step into the background and work indirectly with us. 

Your Guides will appear to you in whatever form you are most comfortable with -- human, animal, angel.... even loved ones who have passed on, or one of the ascended masters -- whatever isn't going to scare you off. You may see them as radiant "light beings," or something far less esoteric. It will depend on what is more meaningful and acceptable to you

Each guide has its own distinct personality, and is an individual in his/her own right. Therefore, just because these guides are "spiritual" in nature does not necessarily mean that their answers will always be right for you. Take their advice but remember that they are here to GUIDE and aid us, not to run our lives for us. They cannot interfere with our Karma, as to we should not interfere with the Karma of another (Karma and ethics are discussed more in Level II). 

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to communicate with your guides, as well as with other peoples' guides. One way to do this, and probably one of the easiest methods I know of, is to form in your mind the request for one of your Healing Guides. Go into your meditative state, sit comfortably, and clear your mind. Be open to whatever experience you may have, rather than "expect" a certain experience based on preconceived ideas of what it "should be like" or what others have told you it's like.  Do not try to control your thoughts, feelings or emotions. 

Since we're working with the Reiki energy, which flows through our hands, clasp your hands together (as if in prayer). This will create a closed circuit of energy. Focus on the request for one of your guides. When ready, open your hands in a manner which shows openness and in a receptive posture. At this point, simply allow the impressions to come to you. You may see a person, or you may see a color...or you may not see anything at all. 

Many people do not "see" their guides, they "sense" them. It's an Inner Knowing. You may ask your guide for a name, or you may hear one. Ask your guide what his or her purpose is for you. If you do not get a clear answer, thank the guide for being there and dismiss him / her. Call upon another Healing guide. 

You may do this as many times as you feel necessary, until you are comfortable with a particular Guide. Once you are, you may ask your guide anything you would like to ask. Clear your mind and focus on your question. Your answers will be as clear as your questions. The best analogy I can think of for this, based on my own personal experience (as well as working with the I-Ching), is the axiom "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!" Be very specific, and concise, in what you are asking. And remember, there's a major difference between that which you want to know and that which you need to know

To talk to another persons' guide, use the same method you use with your own guides. Always ask that you see that which you need to see, and that which is in the highest good for all concerned. You will discover that when it comes to working with another persons' Guide(s), there will be a lot of things which you do not need to know.

When discussing the subject of working with Healing Guides, many people tend to confuse this concept with "trance mediumship." Your guide will not enter directly into your body, as is the case with trance mediumship. The process used by many mediums is not the same as what is used during a Reiki healing session. 

My personal opinion on the subject of trance mediumship is that it is not a game, it should not be taken lightly, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Reiki. The only reason I mention it is to be sure you understand that there is a difference between working with your Guides and trance mediumship.


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