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  1. What is Reiki?
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  3. The Reiki Principles
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  11. First Reiki Symbol
  12. Preparing for a Reiki Attunement
Healing Benefits of Each Hand Position
by Terri

NOTE: Level I Reiki heals on the physical level only, 

Level II, on the mental/emotional, and Level III on the Spiritual.

The first head position, on the physical level, (hands over eyes) balances the left and right sides of the brain and covers the Brow or Third Eye chakra. Eyes, and any condition relating to eyes: near/farsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, detached retina, etc. Also, sinuses, colds, flu, pineal and pituitary glands, teeth, jaws and headaches. 

On the mental/emotional level, it brings clarity in one's life; the ability to see what is needed (in relationships, career, changes, etc.), also used for relaxation and stress reduction. 

On the spiritual level, the first hand position helps to get centered and to go within; meditation. Treatment of this area may also enhance clairvoyance, which is "clear seeing." 

The second head position, on the physical level, is used for inner ear infections, motion sickness, pineal and pituitary lands, headaches, endorphin/pain release. 

On the mental/emotional level, it is used for balancing mental/emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety and mood swings. It is also good for studying and retention of knowledge, memory, calmness and creativity. 

On the spiritual level, you tap into higher consciousness. There comes the ability to know right action without undue mental effort. The crown center lends direct knowledge from the Source. 

The third head position governs basic bodily functions, tells the heart to beat, lungs to breath, food to digest, etc. It also helps in treating asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, various circulatory problems, sleep disorders and more ear problems. 

On the mental/emotional level, it helps with dream and past life recall. It's also a very nurturing position. 

On the spiritual level, some people consider that Spirit enters and leaves at this area of the head. It's also the secondary position for the Third Eye. This area addresses unconscious urges and patterns. Use this area to treat addictive behavioral patters. This area is stimulated by the Rosicrucians to generate a state of wakefulness and mindfulness. Certain esoteric schools consider the lower brain stem to be an essential link to the greater beingness. 

The fourth position (hands resting over the collar bone) on the physical level balances the metabolism and helps with thyroid, carotid artery for treating blood, especially blood enter the brain, and helps to balance high or low blood pressure. 

On a spiritual level, it aids in communication with, with others as well as our Guides. The throat chakra is evident with the revelation of truth. Responsibility is the key word which reflects the ability to respond. Every acupuncture meridian traverses this area. 

First torso position (the breast area), on the physical level, this is the area to work on for the immune system and immune system disorders. Also the lungs and auto immune disorders such as lupus, arthritis and chronic fatigue. 

On the mental/emotional level; emotional heart problems, centering, going within, comforting. 

On the spiritual level, this may be the location that the spirit leaves the body at the moment of transition (death). The heart chakra is also the center for unconditional love and compassion. The heart is considered to be the throne of the spirit. When the heart is in balance, the mind is clear and memory functions well. This is also an important position for those who tend to lose themselves within a relationship. 

The second and third torso positions (starting from the right side to the left, treat the following organs and glands: 

LIVER (far right side): On the physical level; primary organ for detox - not just those we usually thing of, such as alcohol, but any other toxin as well, such as the wax found on the apples we buy at the store, the pesticides and insecticides that our food has been treated with, the chemicals in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Any toxic substance taken into the body in any manner that must be detoxed. Also treats hormonal imbalances of all types, for both genders. Also good for jaundice and environmental allergies. 

On the mental/emotional level; emotionally, it is believed that problems involving the liver stem from unresolved anger issues and old issues/feelings. 

GALL BLADDER: The physical level treats gallstones and digestive process. On the mental/emotional level it covers that special type of anger, that "really galled me" type of anger, which has bitterness to it. This is also the "decision making" organ. 

PANCREAS (almost directly in the middle): On the physical level this hand position handles insulin production for the body, diabetes and hypoglycemia. This position is the one to treat for a quick pick-me-up, when energy is low. Also for control or manipulation issues and fear. 

On the mental/emotional and spiritual levels, this position is for people who have too little or too much "sweetness" in their lives. This is the solar plexus chakra, the area most prone to "psychic attack." 

STOMACH (far left side): On the physical, naturally the ability to help digest food would take place. On the mental/emotional left, the healing benefit would be in digesting ideas; starts process of breaking things down into component parts. 

SPLEEN (behind the stomach) On the physical level, blood is purified and the body treated here for any infections anywhere in the body. This area is also treated for other auto immune disorders such as chronic fatigue, HIV+, AIDS, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

On the mental/emotional level, it handles that special release of anger referred to as "venting your spleen." 

This area also treats the solar plexus, which according to Oriental Medicine is the seat of power. Organs we find here are the liver, spleen, gallbladder and pancreas. In Chinese medicine, the liver is considered to be the general. Through it s/he has the vision to guide the forces forward in life. The emotion associated with the liver and gallbladder is anger, when naturally expressed, it is assertive life force growing and bursting forth with the vitality of spring. Anger evolves when the expression is suppressed or thwarted, due to internal or external causes. 

The gallbladder is the helmsman of the ship. It is involved in the small daily decisions we make. The pancreas is associated with equanimity of mind. When we ruminate or worry too much, this affects the pancreas' ability to secrete enzymes necessary to digest foods. Hence, the wisdom of quiet time and prayer before meals. 

The spleen is a large lymph node which filters blood and lymph. This position is one of the most important for daily physical well-being, there are many organs here, including the diaphragm is here. People who tend to be tense and nervous often have problems in this area. 

The Front 4th and 5th position (the throat/collarbone area and the breast area) treats circulation, mucous conditions of the body, flu, and lymphatic drainage on the physical level. 

On the mental/emotional level, creativity, emotional releases, emotional withholding and/or "dumping" are treated. 

The Small Intestine benefits on the physical level as this assimilates nutrients for the body. On the mental/emotional level, ideas would be assimilated. 

The Large Intestine and Colon eliminates waste products and toxins from the body. On the mental/emotional level, this helps to eliminate people, places, things that are no longer needed in one's life (a good place to treat if you're changing, moving, breaking up a relationship...or "cleaning out" anything in/from you life). This is also the 2nd Chakra area. 

It's been said that the small intestines function is to decide which nutrients we will take into our body and which ones will be left out. This also applies to other levels such as processing incoming information, emotions and experiences. 

The small intestine's metaphor is sifting and processing. When there is data overload or food overload, it is easy for stagnation to take place in the small intestine. The large intestine involves the capacity to let go of what we don't need. When free exchange of issues and things in our life is too fast, diarrhea can result. When there is congestion in the process of letting go, constipation can be the result. 

This is the second chakra, its keyword is intimacy. This reflects the capacity for timely disclosure. The appropriate revelation of our story with another human being. It is also the capacity to be open and vulnerable appropriately in a relationship. This position treats sexuality as an expression of closeness and intimacy. 

Treating the root chakra treats the urogenital tract and lower intestines. The keyword for this chakra is survival. It goes out of balance when we engage in making a living which is not aligned with our destiny, or when we go against our Inner Will. This chakra revolves around the question of right livelihood. 

Metaphysically speaking, difficulties of the spine indicate lack of support, either emotional or financial, either at home or at work. All back hand positions therefore assist with this condition. 

As always, begin at the head. There were three hand positions for the head already done, so we move directly to the back of the neck, forming a V-shape (your right hand is on the persons right side of neck, your left hand on his/her left side with fingers pointing towards the spine). 

On the physical level, this starts the flow of energy up/down the spine and treats nerves that radiate around the heart and lung areas. It also treats spot on top of shoulders which is a major endorphin-releasing spot on the body. Endorphins area a natural morphine which the body produces and acts like a pain-killer. Therefore use this position for pain anywhere in the body. This spot is also considered the "gateway to the lungs" and is therefore used to treat any lung related problem. 

On the mental/emotional level, this is the area where many people hold stress; therefore an excellent position to treat for stress reduction. 

Shoulder blades. This treats the back of the heart, lungs and more of the spine. On the mental/emotional level, it opens us up to love - softening of rigidity as far as love is concerned. On the spiritual level, treat this area for opening up to Universal love. 

Middle of the back and treats the kidneys, which filter waste products. On the mental/emotional level, it filters ideas and concepts that are no longer useful, and that kind of anger you feel when you are "pissed off." 

This is the back of the solar plexus chakra and addresses sympathetic nerve balance and digestive function as governed by the stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. It also adjusts function of the spleen. Treatment of diaphragm spasm should include this position as a focus. 

Lower back area, which treats immune system disorders, back of colon, more of the spine, back of small and large intestines and the sciatic nerve. Be sure to include this position for any/all problems involving the back. 

REIKI FINISH - Place one hand on the base of the skull and the other on the tailbone. This runs energy up and down the spine, and gives a very effective and soothing finish to the Reiki treatment. This is a powerful combination and its healing power should not be underestimated. After a few moments, move away from your client very slowly because the auric field is greatly expanded at this time and too rapid a break with the energy would be startling (to yourself as well). 

A full Reiki treatment can take an hour, or longer, so be sure that you're as comfortable as the person receiving the treatment. Your hands will tell you when it's time to move to the next position. Give enough time to each one; up to five minutes with each hand position (if you "feel" it's needed). Some areas will need more attention than others. You may also want to have a blanket handy, in case the person feels cold. 

You'll want to focus on what you're doing, however, this is not something that requires a lot of conscious effort. It's perfectly all right to carry on a conversation while doing the Reiki treatments. At times, the person may want to talk about what is happening to him/her during the treatment. This is when that "Psychic knowing" comes into play. You'll know when to talk and when to listen.

Also, pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings when doing a self-healing. It is during these times of silence that we sharpen our intuitive abilities and develop our level of Psychic awareness. "Prayer" is when we talk to God/dess. "Meditation" is when we shut up and listen! 

Children and animals are far more open to the energy (and everything else in life!) and absorb it much more quickly. Therefore, the positions will be a lot shorter in duration. At times, pets will reject the treatment and just walk away. They "know" when they need it, and when they don't. Diane Stein has two good books out on the subject of treating dogs and cats: "Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats," and "The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats." 

I strongly recommend giving Reiki treatments to children and infants, even if only for the soothing and comforting effects of it. In fact, an article appearing in Life magazine (1) mentions the amazing effects of "Touch Healing" sessions done on premature babies. According to a study done at the Touch Research Institute (TRI), massages done on premature babies tend to reap benefits nothing short of astonishing. The babies receiving the treatments are more alert, active and responsive than non-massaged infants of the same size and condition. They are also more able to tolerate noise and to calm themselves. They sleep more deeply and have fewer episodes of apnea, and also tend to gain weight 47 percent faster. 

The article also mentions what happened in Romania during the early 1990s, when thousands of infants were warehoused in orphanages -- some of them virtually left alone in their cribs for two years -- were found to be severely impaired. 

All of this affirms what we already know; that touch is vital to life. It is our most intimate and powerful form of communication. Even when we can't speak... or when we don't have the "right words" to convey a feeling... a simple touch or hug will say it all. 

To give Reiki treatments to children or pets, place your hands how ever they will most comfortably fit over the area you're treating. Your hands will naturally cover several body positions at once. Very small animals, such as birds, can be held in both hands between your palms. 

(1) "The Magic of Touch: Massage's healing powers make it serious medicine," Life magazine, August, 1997, pp. 52-62.


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