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Homeopathic Care:
Journals and Newsletters

Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy
1585 Glencoe, Denver, CO. 80220
$45/yr. ($55 for outside U.S.)/ quarterly
A journal primarily for health professionals

Resonance: The Newsletter of the International Foundation for Homeopathy
PO Box 7, Edmonds, WA 98020
$40/yr membership, subscription included; bi-monthly.

Health and Homoeopathy
Hahnemann House, 2 Powis Place, Great Ormond St., London WC1N 3HT, ENGLAND
10 pounds/yr (published quarterly)

Homeopathic Links 
de Ree 11, 9753 BX Haren, Netherlands
128 Dutch gulders/quarterly

The Prover 
5627 Atlantic Blvd #2
Jacksonville, FL 32207
A magazine written mostly by and directed to chiropractors

Indian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine,
NRG Gadkari Marg, Irla, Vile Parle, (West) Bombay, 400 056, INDIA

International Journal for Veterinary Homoeopathy,
Beststraat 7, 9501 HV Stadskanaal, THE NETHERLANDS

Homeopathica: Journal of the New Zealand Homeopathic Society
PO Box 67-095, Mt. Eden, Auckland 1003 NEW ZEALAND

European Journal of Classical Homeopathy: Centre of Homeopathic Medicine
Pericleous 1, Maroussi, Athens 15122, GREECE

Journals in French or German:
  • L'Homeopathie Francaise

  • 16, rue Mumont d'Urville, 75116 Paris, FRANCE
  • Cahiers de Biotherapie, Societe Medicale de Biotherapie

  • 51, Avenue Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris, FRANCE
  • Les Annales Homeopathiques Francases

  • 64800 Arros-Nay, C.C.P. 2594-63, Bordeaux, FRANCE
  • Revue Belge d'Homoeopathie, Maison de l'Homoeopathie

  • 59 Chaussee de Wavre, B 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM
  • Allgemeine Homoopathische Zeitung, and also Zeitschrift fur Klassische Homoopathie,

  • Karl F. Haug Verlag, Fritz-Frey-Str. 21, Postfach 10 28 40, D-6900 Heidelberg 1, GERMANY

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  • What conditions can it treat?
  • Will I know if it's working?
  • Homeopathy and medication
  • What if I'm pregnant?

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  • Online Journals

  • Homeopathy Online
  • Homeopathy Today
  • Journal of the Society of Homeopaths (UK)
  • British Homeopathic Journal
  • New England Journal of Homeopathy
  • Simillimum (A Free Sample Issue)
  • Tantalus Online
  • Explore Publications (Includes information on various alternative therapies)
  • Resonance (A Free Sample Issue)
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