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How Will I Know if The Treatment is Working?

Although we may not fully understand how the homeopathic remediess work, there is clear evidence that it does work. There has been some good scientific research published in medical journals and other scientific publications.

Reactions to homeopathic treatmens vary with the individual, due to individual body chemistry. The selection of any homeopathic remedy is made based on the symptoms presented by the patient. Any remedy may be used for any condition if the symptoms generated by the the remedy match the symptoms experienced by the patient (like cures like). Some people experience an obvious improvement in their condition within a short period of time. Others find that their condition worsen for a time before improving, and others find that while over-all they're feeling much better, the condition they were trying to cure remains the same. When you consider how long it took for the symptoms of your particular health condition became noticeable, it should be no surprise that it could take some time to fully recover.

There are, however, certain signs that indicate that you are moving in the right direction, and towards a clean bill of health. Aside from the obvious improvements with sleep, digestion, and mental/emotional state, homeopaths may also look for the following:

  • A shift in certain outwardly signs, such as a rash moving down the body.
  • Conditions that were in deeper parts of the body have moved to the surface, such as stress turning to a skin condition such as acne or ecezma.
  • Previous symptoms start to appear in reverse order.
  • Be sure to discuss with your homoeopath any/all symptoms you've noticed and any changes that you have noticed since taking the medicine. This will help your practitioner to select the correct remedy.

    After the correct homeopathic remedy, most people feel a greater sense of well being. Homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment. Many people have noticed positive changes in life long problems, both physical and emotional.


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