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If you were to do research into the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the "medical text books" you would come across is the Huangdi Nejing, or the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine," which is believed to have been written sometime around 500-300 B.C.

This book contains questions and answers between student (Huangdi the Yellow Emperor) and teacher (Chi Po; an enlightened scholar believed to have come from heaven). When asked of Po why it is that people no longer live long and healthy lives, Po replies:

"In ancient times people understood universal energy and the numbers of heaven (referring to the Book of Changes - the I Ching). They understood how to choose and control their diet. They understood what time to wake up and what time to sleep. They did not exhaust their mind and physical bodies. Their physical body and mind were harmonized, which meant they could live for over one hundred and twenty years."

Consult the I Ching - 
for Business and/or Personal Questions

I've worked with the Tarot, Numerology, and the I Ching for a number of years. What I find most valuable about working with the I Ching is that, at times, it tends to take on a life of its own and will direct your attention to that which you need to know, rather than what you think you want to know.

Another interesting note regarding the I Ching is that while it is an ancient method of divination (though first used to measure time and the seasons) it parallels the random principle used in quantum physics today. This system of "investigation" into the events in our daily lives uses three coins, or yarrow sticks, to provide the random principle that works side by side with a highly precise binary grid of the 64 hexagrams and their 4,096 mathematically exact interrelationships.

The secret to working with the I Ching is that your quest for information be sincere, and your inquiry be precise; Don't ask "yes" or "no" type questions. After all, "To be, or Not to be" is hardly a question. Vague questions yield vague responses.

I look forward to helping you explore your Inner Realms as the I Ching answers your questions!

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