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  1. The Reiki Principles
  2. Benefits of 2nd Degree Reiki
  3. What Can Be Treated
  4. Karma and Reiki Ethics
  5. Equal Exchange of Energy
  6. Clearing Energy Blocks
  7. Cleansing and Balancing the Aura and Chakras
  8. Distance Healing
  9. Methods Used For Distance Healing
  10. Manifestation Triangle
  11. Affirmations for Health, Addictions, and Release
  12. Level II Reiki Symbols
  13. Preparing for the Attunement
  14. Recommended Reading for Level I and II Practitioners


  1. Further information regarding the Original Reiki Principles
  2. An Intro to Tibetan Medicine

Chapter 4 - Karma and Reiki Ethics

The major teaching of Reiki II is Distance Healing, which is basically a process of
visualization in the meditative state. When doing a distance healing, the person is
obviously not in the same room (or maybe not even in the same city/country) with you. Nonetheless, you must still apply the Reiki ethic of only doing a healing with the person's permission.

If the person is unable to directly ask for the healing him or herself, perhaps
because you are being asked to do this on behalf of someone else (i.e., My friend
is very ill. Will you please do a Reiki healing for him?), or the person is in a coma, you may request permission from the person's Higher Self.... on the astral... as part of your visualization. You will receive some type of yes or no answer. It could be the person's voice you hear, or it could be an Inner Knowing that you feel.
In either case, you are ethic-bound to respect her wishes. If it is a "no," do not
continue with the healing. If you are unsure of the answer, send healing with the
clear intent that she is free to accept or reject the energy, and that if it is refused, it goes towards healing the Earth, or to someone else who needs/wants it. It is unethical to force the healing upon anyone. Likewise, if a person says
that s/he has a headache and asks for an aspirin, don't automatically give h/her a
Reiki healing.

If someone wants a Reiki healing, they'll ask for a Reiki healing. If they have no
knowledge of Reiki, it's not up to you to go into a dissertation and then offer a
treatment. You may, however, say that you are a Reiki practitioner and may be able to help. Naturally, the next question will be "What's Reiki?" Briefly explain (without sounding as if you're trying to sell h/her on the benefits of Reiki) and then step back... detach from the situation... and allow the person to decide for him/herself. Never violate anyone's free will.

Our Higher Self always knows what's best for us and there could be Karmic
lessons to be learned from the illness; for the person and/or for those around the
person. What effects one, effects all. Much like a ripple effect. We may not always
get what we want but we surely do get what we need.

According to Buddhist teachings, the Path to Enlightenment involves the release of
all karma and is the only true healing method. There is a sense in which unethical
behavior accumulates karma which makes it harder to enter into each successive
moment of "Now" free and unencumbered with karmic debts. As much as we would like to think so, Reiki practitioners are not magically transformed during the attunement and henceforth never again behave in an unethical manner! That is not how we (as humans) deal with the daily distractions of life. We are in this realm, after all, to live the human experience, both the positive and the negative aspects... not just the spiritual aspects. However, when we act insuch a fashion that offends our own sense of ethics, our work as healers becomes much more difficult and less effective; for the primary reason that we are now going against our Inner Will--against Universal Law.


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