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  1. The Reiki Principles: Further Study
  2. Benefits of 2nd Degree Reiki
  3. What Can Be Treated
  4. Karma and Reiki Ethics
  5. Equal Exchange of Energy
  6. Clearing Energy Blocks
  7. Cleansing and Balancing the Aura and Chakras
  8. Distance Healing
  9. Methods Used For Distance Healing
  10. Manifestation Triangle
  11. Affirmations for Health, Addictions, and Release
  12. Level II Reiki Symbols
  13. Preparing for the Attunement
  14. Recommended Reading for Level I and II Practitioners


  1. Further information regarding the Original Reiki Principles
  2. An Intro to Tibetan Medicine

Chapter 1: The Reiki Prnciples; A Further Study

In Level I Reiki you were given three versions of the Reiki Principles; the one I was taught, the one which is believed to be the original (as written by Mikao Usui -- See the end of this manual for further and updated information regarding the original Reiki principles), and Hawayo Takata's version. In order to better understand how these precepts came to be, and why they are a part of the Reiki, and a part of Healing, we must look beyond the words and into the Universal Laws governing these principles. 

Once again I am going to cover an area not taught in most Traditional, or Non-Traditional, Reiki courses. However, by learning to work with the Natural Laws and Principles of the Universe you will be able to work with the Reiki energy to a much fuller extent. When one works within Universal Law they often find that their lives are more fulfilling, more abundant, and more "balanced." Perhaps one of the greatest lessons which can be learned by working with the Natural Laws of the Universe is that we are not a "victim of our circumstances." We learn to take
responsibility for our own health and well-being.

These laws and principles, just like the Reiki energy itself, operate whether you are aware of them or not... whether you use/follow them or not. They exist and are in motion for everyone, regardless of whether or not you believe in them. Therefore, you should become aware of this energy, so that you can better take control of
certain situations in your life.

What follows is my perception of each of the Reiki Principles. As I've said in the Level I manual, any text, or "commandments," can be interpreted according to the individual. You will discover that you already know these Universal Laws. They are taught in all of the ancient Mystery traditions and were also taught by Christ

Reiki is not a religion, but it is very spiritual in nature. Usui strived to be "Christ-like" in his healing work as well as in his teachings, therefore it should be of no great surprise to you when I make references to passages from the Bible. The twelve Natural Laws of the Universe... the same "Laws" Christ taught... can be
found within the five Reiki principles.

The Twelve Natural Universal Laws

  • The Law of Increase
  • The Law of Receiving
  • The Law of Supply
  • The Law of Thought
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • The Law of Non-Resistance
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Obedience
  • The Law of Success
  • The Law of Sacrifice
  • The Law of Love
1. Just for today, give thanks for my many blessings... (Original Reiki Principle: The Secret Method of Inviting Blessings)

This relates directly to the Law of Increase: "Give and it shall be given to you. Good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will they pour into the folds of your garment. For the measure you measure with will be measured back to you." (Luke 6:38) Wrapped within this law is the other half of the Law of Receiving. We must have faith that
increase is in the world for us. Before we can learn to receive, we must learn to give. The two together create a cycle of increase which is set into perpetual motion.

Many of us refuse to receive or accept the little things in life such as compliments, or the assistance of others, simply because we feel that we do not deserve such treatment. Often times, a simple expression of gratitude is hard for many of us to accept. When someone says, "You look wonderful today!" our first reaction is to reject their compliment by responding with something like "Thanks, but . . . ," as if the person didn't really mean what s/he said. We need to learn how to receive in order to know how to give. Once we express our gratitude for that which we have received, and have faith that whatever we need will be provided, we then begin to activate the Law of Supply: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7).

The basic concept of "supply and demand" is if there is no demand, there is no supply. If we do not ask, we do not receive. It's been said that the reason people do not have "their prayers answered," is because they do not know how to pray -- they do not know how to ask. If we continue to focus on what we do not have, we will continue to never have "enough." This feeling of not having enough causes us to crave the things we do not have, and cravings of life can never be fully satisfied. As a result, we spend a great deal of our time feeling resentful and frustrated - a negative action that creates karma. Making an effort to consciously be aware of what you do have, and expressing your gratitude will set up a magnetic attraction to Abundance.

2. Just for today, worry not... (Original Reiki Principle: For today only, anger not, worry not. *)
To dwell on the past, or worry about the future, only causes us grief. This principle relates to the Universal Law of Thought: "The eye is the body's lamp. If your eyes are good, your body will be filled with light; if your eyes are bad, your body will be in darkness. And if your light is darkness, how deep will the darkness be?" (Matthew 6:22-23) This law teaches us "What the mind can conceive, and believe, it will achieve." Whatever we focus upon, whatever we believe, we set in motion around us. Our minds create the good and the bad within our lives. Where we put our thoughts, and concentrate our efforts, that's where the energy flows. Therefore, whatever it is that you believe, you are right! As long
as you know you've done your best, release it to the Universe and "worry not." *The word "not" in "anger not, worry not" in the Reiki principles does not mean "do not." It implies a state of being, as in being in a state (frame of mind) of "no worry" or "no anger."

3. Just for today, anger not
Unless we learn to truly forgive and recognize all obstacles, or what we may perceive as problems, to be nothing more than learning opportunities, we remain tied to the karma of the situation. As long as we refuse to forgive, we continue to "expect" that apology we feel we deserve. And, if that apology never happens, we align ourselves with the karmic implications. This is also true when it comes to forgiving ourselves, since we tend to beat ourselves up over our mistakes. This is the Law of Forgiveness: "Forgive and you shall be forgiven." (Luke 6:37). In other words, forgive and let it go... do not tie yourself to the karma involved. This is not to say that we should stuff our anger, or feel guilty for
experiencing anger. Anger is a necessary emotion, even if it is a reactive one. Holding on to anger can cause illness in the body, mind and soul. Anger is there for a reason; self-exploration. Whatever a person does, or says, to push our buttons and cause us to feel hurt/angry we've allowed them to do so... or may have even created it... to happen. It's our choice to give away our personal power or not. How we react to any given situation is always our choice. Life is always a matter of choice, not chance.

Within this principle is also the Law of Non-Resistance: "But I say unto you that you resist not evil." (Matthew 5:39). This law teaches us to "go with the flow." All things happen in their proper time, even if it's not when we want them to happen. If you want time schedules, take a train. 

Resisting or fighting against negative energy (including anger) establishes a link with it by creating a resonance which activates the Law of Attraction: "Wherever your treasure lies, there your heart will be." (Luke 12:34). Like attracts like... what we put out, we get back. Anger will only bring about more anger... love will bring out more love. We do
what we have to do, then let it go and allow events to play themselvesout -- which they will do, in their proper time.

4. Just for today, work honestly... (Original: Do your work with appreciation.)
My interpretation of this principle has nothing to do with "making an honest living," since obviously we would not be following this path if we were making our living "dishonestly." In my opinion, this is saying "To thine ownself be true." If we follow our Inner Will (some may refer to this as following their heart's desire) we will be doing our work honestly --
by being honest with ourselves. And in so doing we will appreciate (gratitude) the fruits of our labor. Making a living is what we get... making a life is what we do and what we give. This principle also relates to the Universal Law of Compensation: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6:7). This is also known as cause and effect... our Karma. As commonly thought, Karma is not a system of rewards and punishments. Karma is lessons
learned, and lessons we need to learn. It refers to the actions and situations in our life from the use, or misuse, of our free will in the past. What we put out, we get back; whether we like the lesson or not. When we follow our inner will, and are true to ourselves, we invoke the Universal Law of Obedience: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and render unto God the things that are God's." (Mark 12:17).

Obedience to the inner self brings about a sense of balance and harmony, and new patterns of energy within ones life. This Law of Obedience invokes the Law of Success: "The works I do so shall ye do, and greater works still." (John 14:12). With the right effort and application, success --in whatever definition we give to this word-- is ours. We are denied nothing. We were all born to succeed... and to heal on all levels -- body, mind and soul!

5. Be kind to every living thing...
The Universal Law of Love: "You shall love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 22:40). This law is the greatest of all and over-rides all of the others. One of the important aspects of this law is that when extended unconditionally to ourselves and to all living things, we activate our Third Eye, or Brow Chakra. This in turn activates that "Spiritual Wisdom" spark in all of humanity. From this point we begin to grow spiritually and learn to respect all, and fear none. 

Throughout our lives we make many sacrifices in the name of love, always setting aside one aspect of life in order that another may be achieved. Parents often sacrifice for the sake of their children, to insure that their children have a "better life" than they may have had. These sacrifices are stepping stones for us and act as tools to help teach us responsibility, discipline, and appropriate expression. This is the Law of Sacrifice. Being a Reiki practitioner also involves sacrifice, discipline, appropriate expression, and a great deal of responsibility. Later in this lesson we will get into the ethics for the Reiki practitioner, and why we must always follow these Universal Laws and Reiki principles and strive to do that which is "for the highest good of all."


Copyright © 1996-2001 T. Ramacus.
First printing 1996. Revised and updated 2001.
All rights reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed in any form without express written permission.

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