About Reiki

Reiki is a very simple and easy to learn healing technique that dates back thousands of years. Reiki uses the life force energy to heal, harmonize and balance the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels of the body. While Reiki is not a religion, it is very spiritual in nature. The energy used in Reiki is far older in concept than any religious philosophy. There is no dogma, nothing you must believe in order to use this particular healing technique, and it doesn’t take years of training to master this art.

What sets Reiki apart from other forms of laying-on of hands, or Touch Healing, is the process of initiation and Attunements. These Attunements create the healer, and are passed directly from a Reiki Master to the student. Over 20 years ago, when the internet was in its infancy and online Reiki classes were unheard of, there were those who argued that it couldn’t be done; Reiki cannot be taught online. But I did it anyway, and continued offering online classes along with the Attunements to this day. My thoughts were that if a Distance Healing can be done, then it stood to reason that a Distance Attunement can be done. After all, Usui didn’t have a Reiki Master/Teacher for his Attunements. The concept caught on very quickly, and now online Reiki classes can be found all over the Internet… even by those who once cried, “It’s impossible!”


NOTE: Until further notice, all Reiki classes are on hold.


Meet Our Reiki Teachers


As an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master/Teacher in the Tibetan Reiki, Karuna®TM and Advanced Reiki Training, Cathi uses her skills and experience to help you discover the “Healer Within” to promote relaxation, balance and harmony so that the body can heal itself. In addition to being a Reiki Master/Teacher, Cathi is also a worker with the “Golden Sphere,” and incorporates the use of an empowering technique called the Galactic Light into all aspects of Healing, Wholeness, and Spirituality.”After many trials and tribulations in my life, I have realized that life is all about choices and decisions. And no matter what happens to one over the course of their life, we are always free to decide what we will take from any experience. My Passion… outside of my family… is my dream of opening my own Wellness Center, where I can help others to heal on Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Levels. I’m very much interested in healing with Natural Methods — Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Meditations and/or Visualizations, Essential oils, Homeopathics, and other alternative therapies.”

Terri, a professional Reiki Master/Teacher, was a pioneer in teaching Online Reiki Classes and has worked with both the Usui and Karuna Natural Methods of Healing over the past 20 years, gaining knowledge in many related healing practices. She has also worked as an Online Reader (I Ching) for both Prodigy and AOL. In addition, she has also worked as and Events Coordinator for an online service provider, as well as serving as one of their Senior Leaders and Special Contributors in the New Age genre.


Usui Lineage:


  • Mikao Usui
  • Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Virginia Samdahl
  • Joyce Morris
  • Jenny Leong
  • Terri


Karuna Reiki Lineage:


  • William Rand
  • Debbie Rahawlski
  • Cathi
  • Terri