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Chapter 1 - The Initiation
Chapter 2 - The Healing Energy Within
Chapter 3 - About the Attunements
Chapter 4 - The Reiki Symbols: Chanting the jumon
Chapter 5 - The Reiki Attunement Procedure
Usui Method 1
Usui Method 2
Chapter 6 - The Importance of Meditation
Chapter 7 - Additional Reiki Techniques
Chapter 8 - Breathing Techniques

Glossary of Terms
About the Authors
Reiki Master's Cheat Sheet

Reiki Associations & Organizations
Sample Client Information Form

Reiki Master's Handbook

A step by step guide for teaching the class and passing the attunements.

by Dr. Robert E. Zee and T. Ramacus

Reiki Master Teacher Handbook












About This Manual:
Some teachers divide the Third Degree Reiki into two levels; the Reiki III Practitioner and the Master/Teacher Level. Other methods of teaching introduce a level termed Advanced Reiki Technique (ART) between the Reiki II and the Master level, creating four levels to the Usui system. Some schools teach that in order to use the title "Reiki Master," you must teach Reiki to at least one other student.

This course combines the Reiki III Practitioner and the Master Level into one degree - Master/Teacher Degree - and will guide you step by step through the process of teaching a class and passing the Attunements in a simple, concise and easy to learn - and easy to teach - method.

Nothing has been left out this handbook. Just as Usui Sensei shared his healing techniques in times past, we can share these healing methods for empowerment and self-healing in the present.

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-Paperback: 71 pages ($16.00)
-Binding: Wire-O Binding
-Published: May 2004