Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Mandates Ultrasounds

Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., didn't have the guts to sign the bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion in public. Instead he signed it over the Holiday weekend when no one was watching. The bill, which takes effect today, requires women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound and … [Read more...]

State Mandated Ultrasounds: Because it’s What Women Want

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a new $62 billion budget for the state over the weekend that slashed taxes for the wealthiest Ohioans while at the same time mandates medically unnecessary ultrasounds and guts Planned Parenthood. These new abortion restrictions received no debate before being signed … [Read more...]

Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer

Does having an abortion increase the risk of breast cancer? In a word; No. That myth has circulated for years by the Pro-Life camp. It is simply not true, and that's not my personal opinion. Anti-abortion groups are the only ones actually telling women to avoid abortion as a means of protecting … [Read more...]

The Men Behind The War On Women

A group of men with no real background in law or medicine, but blessed with a strong personal interest in women’s bodies, have quietly influenced all of the major anti-abortion legislation over the past several years. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops may be one of the quietest, yet most … [Read more...]

The GOP’s 10 Most Extreme Attacks On A Woman’s Right To Choose An Abortion

2011 marked a banner year in the Republican war on woman’s health. Close to 1,000 anti-abortion bills sped through state legislatures as the GOP-led House led a “comprehensive and radical assault” on a federal level. But in surveying their arsenal this year, 10 bills stood out as particularly … [Read more...]

It’s Okay to Carry an Automatic Weapon, But Not Okay to Have an Abortion

The latest attempt to expand gun owners’ rights in Arizona – by allowing them to carry their weapons on public college campuses. Senate Bill 1467, which had already cleared the Senate, passed in the House 33 to 24. It would allow people to carry their guns when walking or driving through campuses on … [Read more...]