Eating Well is the Best Revenge

Noted nutrition expert and author Larrian Gillespie, MD, shares her insight about food, cooking and weight management. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition Cooking is in release across the country and, with it, the widely quoted author is continuing her public dialogue about what and how … [Read more...]

Does the New ‘MyPlate’ Serve Us Well?

Recently, I have decided to use up the last of the dairy and animal products in my refrigerator and pantry in order to make the switch to a vegan diet. A vegan diet is, essentially, an entirely plant-based diet. While I do have strong political commitments to non-human animal welfare and deep … [Read more...]

The Only Weight Loss Tips You’ll Ever Need

There will always be some new fad diet out… some Mother-of-All-Weight-Loss-Plans… some “secret ingredient” found in some fruit you’ve never heard of before. If you’ve tried one or more of the latest diet plans and the only thing you ended up losing was your “will power,” then the following weight … [Read more...]

Leafy Greens Top the List of the 10 Riskiest Foods

The Center for Science in the Public Interest issued a list today of the top ten foods that can make you sick. Surprisingly enough, some of the foods now being called risky are the same foods you need in order to stay healthy. This year, one in four people will get sick from eating contaminated … [Read more...]

Diets Don’t Work

Diets for weight loss have shown to be ineffective and harmful to our health, yet we continue to buy into whatever program we think will help us to "lose those pounds for good!" With a multimillion dollar industry constantly bombarding us with their images of what the perfect smile, the perfect … [Read more...]