Is Your Weight Loss Canary Suffering?

There's no doubt that thyroid disease is on the rise. Now the question is why? The reason your weight loss attempts might not be working is because your weight loss canary might be suffering...let me explain. From the research I've reviewed and the patients I've seen in the last 20 years, it's … [Read more...]

Holistic Weight Loss Program

Holistic Weight Loss Program With a Raw and Living Diet Article contributed by Carmelita M. Brown One of the first questions a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, or Fitness Trainer usually asks his or her client is: How many weight-loss programs have you tried over the years? Well, lets take that a … [Read more...]

Lack of Sleep Causes Weight Gain

Article Contributed by Larrian Gillespie, MD Tossing and turning all night could be the reason you're packing on the pounds, according to doctors at Baylor College of Medicine. Research has shown that sleep deprivation causes increased insulin resistance, which is a pre-diabetic condition. In … [Read more...]