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Terri is a professional Reiki Master/Teacher and your Community Forum Host.

Terri was a pioneer in teaching Online Reiki Classes and has worked with both the Usui and Karuna® Natural Methods of Healing over the past 10 years, gaining knowledge in many related healing practices. She has also worked as an Online Reader for both Prodigy and AOL (I Ching). In addition, she has also worked as Events Coordinator for an online service provider, as well as serving as one of their Senior Leaders and Special Contributors in the New Age/Metaphysical genre. She also designs commercial and personal Web sites.

"This site is for those who are seeking alternatives to complement orthodox medicine in healing Body, Mind and Soul. As a word of caution, you should not use the therapies described on any Web site without the consultation of a licensed health care provider. Inclusion of a treatment or resource on this site does not imply endorsement by me, or anyone else."

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Find out what's happening in the field of alternative medicine, plus other health news you should know about!
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