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  1. The Reiki Principles
  2. Benefits of 2nd Degree Reiki
  3. What Can Be Treated
  4. Karma and Reiki Ethics
  5. Equal Exchange of Energy
  6. Clearing Energy Blocks
  7. Cleansing and Balancing the Aura and Chakras
  8. Distance Healing
  9. Methods Used For Distance Healing
  10. Manifestation Triangle
  11. Affirmations for Health, Addictions, and Release
  12. Level II Reiki Symbols
  13. Preparing for the Attunement
  14. Recommended Reading for Level I and II Practitioners


  1. Further information regarding the Original Reiki Principles
  2. An Intro to Tibetan Medicine

Chapter 3: What Can Be Treated

Since the Level II symbols work with the Mental/Emotional levels, and with Distance Healing, much more can be accomplished -- and in a much broader scope. After you receive the Level II attunement you will be working with two of the three necessary aspects for a complete and total healing; Body (Level I-Physical) and Mind (Level II Mental/Emotional). I'm sure by now you've figured out that Level III will cover the missing aspect: Spirit/Soul. Level III is also the Master/Teacher level, however, not everyone who receives this attunement goes on to teach Reiki. Some Reiki Traditions will split the Level III Course into two separate courses, for those who do not wish to teach Reiki. However, there is often an additional charge for the second course.

The 2nd Degree is very useful for healing any emotional/mental distress, such as relationship issues, nervousness, anger, sadness, or grief. It can also be used to help heal addictions; such as eating disorders and smoking. It can be used to calm, relax and balance, and to enhance the use of affirmations. Level II also helps us to focus on releasing any negative conditioning your client (and this can also be done for yourself!) may be experiencing from his or her past.

Very often in life we tend to react to a certain circumstance based on past conditioning... how we've been programmed to react. Whenever a similar situation arises we tend to fall into whatever negative pattern we've developed for ourselves. A good example of negative conditioning is the way in which we've been programmed since childhood to believe certain things would happen regarding our health such as: "Don't go outside with wet hair, you'll catch a cold!" "Don't climb so high, you'll fall and break your neck!" " You work too much, you're going to get sick." (I'll bet this one had some impact for a lot of people in regards to job and career choices.) Such statements are well-meaning advice, coming from friends and loved ones, yet they only serve to hold us to our negative experiences.

When someone says something along the lines of "I get incredible headaches every allergy season!" no doubt they will get headaches as the Spring season approaches. Of course, there may very well be a medical reason for the constant headaches. However, the pain can also be there because the mind expected it to be there, and because the mind believed it would happen... because it always happened in the past.

The Level II Reiki symbols can be used to release these negative patterns, whether those patterns were created in this life, or in a past life. Past life patterns and traumas; this is one area where a line could be drawn between what the root problem is and what it could be. Since I personally have seen too many situations wherein a person will use a past life experience as an excuse, or a crutch, I will not bring up the possibility that the root of their problem could stem from a past life trauma, or a lesson to be learned. I would rather not lead people down that path. If they choose to go there on their own, that's fine. I will be there to help, to listen, to guide, to heal, but not to confirm in their mind, "Ah ha! So that's why I'm experiencing this illness!"

Past Life Regression is another area of study, and one you may want to consider looking into, but is not part of the Reiki teachings. However, there will be times when a person will speak of a past lifetime as if it happened just last year. This is all part of the healing process. Allow the person to speak freely, but do not lead the person in one direction or another. If you are an expert in Past Life Regression, use your skill and knowledge (in conjunction with the Reiki) to help. If regression is not your forte, use the Reiki symbol for distance healing and bring that past life experience into the present, which will change and heal their future. The very moment you change your perspective and/or change your negative patterns, you change your future.

One way to bring the past experience into the present is to ask your client if she or he recognizes a pattern. An example of this would be the woman who feels, thinks, sees or believes she had a very abusive father in a past life and is now repeating the pattern by becoming involved in one abusive relationship after another. Once the pattern is recognized it can be broken, and healed.

There will be times when the person will need professional help, such as in cases of sexual abuse, rape or incest. Remember, all things happen in their proper time and place. Your healing work may act as a catalyst to a childhood memory of sexual abuse, or some other trauma which has been buried for many years. If this should happen, chances are the person has yet to process this information in her own mind, nor has she experienced all of the emotions involved with the incident itself and the memory of it. Do not force the issue. Allow her to say as much, or as little, as she is comfortable with. Continue with the healing (using the Mental/Emotional symbol) and afterwards suggest that she may want to seek professional counseling and use the Reiki healings to augment and compliment whichever orthodox method she chooses to use.

The Reiki symbol you will use for bringing the past into the present translates into "No past, no present, no future," thus transmits healing across space and time (Distance Healing). The more you work with this energy, the more you will fully understand what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus meant when he observed that "you can't step in the same river twice" -- meaning that all time is now. The distance symbol can also be used as a bridge in time. You can send it into the past or into the future. If you're projecting it into the future, the energy is stored, much like a charged battery; it is there when needed. An example of why you would want to send the energy into the past would be to heal a childhood trauma. Send it into the future for doctor's appointments, expected due dates for births, and even job interviews.

For the most part, you will be working with two types of disorders; chronic and acute. The acute problems are of a short duration and will react differently to Reiki treatments than the chronic problems will. Chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, usually requires a series of Reiki treatments, given over a period of several weeks. One of the hardest things for a client to understand is that Reiki sometimes doesn't work in an instant. In either case, hopefully the person has already visited a doctor, and your role is to accelerate the healing process. If the problem is serious and the person has not seen a qualified physician, strongly suggest that they do so before beginning the Reiki treatments.

As you have seen thus far, Level II Reiki goes beyond Level I in so many ways, and involves an even greater sense of responsibility on the part of the Reiki practitioner. The most important lesson you will learn as you go along is to let go and allow each person to decide whether they want to remain ill, or get well.... it's their choice, not yours. Also, no matter how emotionally attached to the person you may become during the Reiki sessions, you must not place any attachments whatsoever to the results of your healing.

As an aside, all of the Reiki symbols can be used in a more "mundane" fashion as well, such as empowering your goals, cleansing an object or helping to solve a problem. More on this later.

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