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All books listed on this page are from my own personal collection and are in New or Like-new condition.  ALL books are in perfect condition. Those listed as "like-new" may have a tear on the inside cover, or first blank page, where a sticker or nameplate was removed. Since this is not a "business" All sales are final; No refunds or exchanges

Books will be mailed out (Standard U.S. mail -- and only within the U. S.) within 3 business days following receipt of payment. A S&H charge of $2.00 per book will be added to the Sale Price.

You will be contacted via email when the book is shipped (so please be sure to use your correct email address). If you have any questions regarding the books, you can email me at

"The Heart of the Mind: How to Experience God Without Belief," by Jane Katra, Ph.D. & Russell Targ -- From the cover -- "At the core of The Heart of the Mind is the idea that through quieting the mind, the experience of God --without dogma, ritual, or religious belief --is always available. By beginning with the concrete steps of forgiveness and gratitude, we discover that finding meaning, love, and peace of mind requires only that we calm our minds and open our hearts."
Softcover. Like-new condition (174 pages)
Original price: $14.95 / Sale price $5.00

"Still the Mind: An Introduction to Meditation," by Alan Watts. (First printing, May 2000)
Hardcover, Like-new condition (122 pages)
Original price: $16.00 / Sale price $5.00 

"From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer," by Arlene Cotter (2000) This book walks you through the stages of illness, treatment, and recovery. The pages are short, with very large font on many of the pages. An inspirational book.
Hardcopy, NEW (447 pages... large font)
$24.95 / Sale price $9.50

"Women of Courage, Inspiring Stories from the Women Who Lived Them," by Katherine Martin. (1999) 
Softcover, Like New. 365 pages.
$14.95 / Sale price $5.00

"Signals: An Inspiring Story of Life After Life," by Joel Rothschild. Foreword by Neale Donald Walsch (2000) 
Hardcover, New/Like New. 160 pages.
$17.95 / Sale price $7.00

"All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten," by Robert Fulghum (1988) Hardcover, New. 196 pages
$15.95 / Sale price $5.00


"Animal Grace: Entering a Spiritual Relationship with Our Fellow Creatures," by Mary Lou Randour (2000)-- Randour shows how animals can help us heal our illnesses, cope with death, learn to love, and expand our consciousness.
Hardcover. New/Like-new condition (151 pages)
Original Price $20.00 / Sale price $7.50


"Bio-Etheric Healing: A Breakthrough in Alternative Therapies," by Trudy Lanitis. (Second revised edition, 1999) -- Using thought processes to heal the physical body through the subtle energies of the aura. The author channels the information in this book, "written at the urging of Kwan Yin." Also includes channeled material by Edgar Cayce, Lord Kuthumi and Ignatious.
Softcover, NEW (183 pages) 2 copies available
Original price: $14.95 / Sale price $5.00
"The Power of Prayer," Edited by Dale Salwak. Contributors include: Sue Bender, Jimmy Carter, Billy Ghrahm, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Henri J.M. Nouwen, Mother Teresa, Marianne Williamson, and many more. -- A compendium of inspiring reflections on the meaning, value, and techniques of prayer from twenty-nine distinguished spiritual leaders and writers.
Hardcover, New/Like-new condition (200 pages)
$20.00 / Sale price $9.00

Also available in Paperback
Like-new condition 
$14.00 / Sale price $6.50


"Calm Surrender: Walking the Hard Road of Forgiveness," by Kent Nerburn (2000)
Hardcopy, New/Like-new (142 pages)
$24.95 / Sale price $9.50

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