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All books listed on this page are from my own personal collection and are in New or Like-new condition.  ALL books are in perfect condition. Those listed as "like-new" may have a tear on the inside cover, or first blank page, where a sticker or nameplate was removed. Since this is not a "business" All sales are final; No refunds or exchanges

Books will be mailed out (Standard U.S. mail -- and only within the U. S.) within 3 business days following receipt of payment. A S&H charge of $2.00 per book will be added to the Sale Price.

You will be contacted via email when the book is shipped (so please be sure to use your correct email address). If you have any questions regarding the books, you can email me at

"Guided Imagery for Self-Healing," by Martin L. Rossman, M.D. (2000)-- Learning basic relaxation techniques... Meeting Your Inner Advisor... Listening to Your Symptoms... Learning from Your Resistance... Turning Insight into Action"
Softcover. Second edition. New/Like-new condition (279 pages)
Original price:
$14.95 / Sale price $6.00

"Meditation, the Complete Guide," by Patricia Monaghan & Eleanor G. Diereck. (1999)
Softcover, New/Like-new condition (340 pages)

Original price: $16.95 / Sale price $8.00


"The Whole Mind: The Definitive Guide to Complementary Treatments fo Mind, Mood, and Emotion," edited by Lynette Bassman, PH.d. (1998) -- "The Whole Mind collects original writings on thirty-six alternative healing modalities, all written by expert practitioners of each method."
Softcover, New/Like-new (540 pages)

$22.95 / $11.00


"Reality Fitness: Inspiration for your health and well-being," by Nicki Anderson (2000) A reasonable, workable alternative to diets that don't work and weight-loss aids with no staying power."
Softcover, New/Like-new (140 pages.)

$12.95 / Sale price $4.00


"Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love," compiled and Edited by Wendy Maltz. (1996)
Softcover, New. (192 pages).

$14.00 / Sale price $4.00




"A Practical Guide to Past Life Regression," by Florence Wagner McClain (1990)-- Detailed instructions for recalling what may be past life memories.
Softcover. Like-new condition (146 pages)

Original Price $7.95 / Sale price $3.00

"The Millennium Book of Prophecy," by John Hogue, Author of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (1994) -- 777 Visions and Predictions from Nostradamus, EdgarCayce, Gurdjieff, Tamo-san, Madame Blavatsky, Old and New Testament Prophets, and 89 Others.
Softcover, New. (375 pages).

$14.00 / Sale price $6.00


"The Fragrant Heavens: The spiritual dimension of fragrance and aromatherapy," by Valerie Ann Worwod (1999) -- Drawing on the pioneering research of eminent scientists and leading spiritual teachers, this book provides comprehensive guidelines that show us how fragrance is utilized in the many spiritual practices prevalent today.
Softcover, New/Like New. (318 pages).

$19.95 / Sale price $7.00


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  • The Tao of Healing
  • Miracles of Mind
  • ADD Nutrition Solution
  • Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
  • The Elves of Lily Hill Farm
  • Echoes of the Soul
  • Reiki: The Healing Touch
  • The Celestine Prophecy
  • Spiral Dance
  • Super Joy
  • The Soul of Cyberspace

... And More!


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